Monday, 10 October 2016

Most people confuse the term innovative journalism with
doing anything outside the box with help of some new
technology . But understanding and creating the simplest
of things is the hardest thing to do. The irony of it.
This is where most of the media organisation go wrong.
They want to create complex product using a simplistic
Innovative journalism is not just a mere merge of technology and journalism. If that was the case it would be called technological journalism. Innovative journalism means successfully executing the task of disseminating information with help of new technology and delivering it in such a manner that the experience is as seamless as it can get. The use of technology can be high but that should not reflect in the product . The audience/reader should not feel like that they are dealing with something complex.
So finding that sweet spot is a difficult task and is something which still remains unresolved.
The future of innovative journalism is bright . What we have seen till now is just the first chapter.
So where do I see journalism 10 years from now?
I think journalism will still remain the same as it has always. But the experience will change. With technological advancement like hi-speed internet , cloud computing and possible artificial intelligence we can expect some great things in near future.
The coalition of media industry and IT industry can just be the best thing that ever happened to media industry .

We all know people read news not  for the information or they really care about some event  until or unless it affects them. Most of them just get pleasure from reading the news. It is a human nature that we enjoy disaster news more than progress news. So to get more of that pleasure we demanded pictures with news. Then we had videos. Now next step maybe to take the people in the real situation that happened with virtual reality. With help of various cameras and satellites we can almost record everything happening on earth. So if something happened then that thing can be saved on cloud storage and rest can be deleted after sometime. Now for example there was a bomb attack in London in a shop on oxford street. People would want to see what happened , how it happened and what’s happening there now? So they just have to wear virtual glasses and they can go and relive the moment without getting hurt . This same technology can be used to attend concert , attending speeches or sports event etc. Basically it can take you anywhere in the world with the capability of experiencing the past current and future.    

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